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The Plenary Session

9.40 – resolution on the question of managing the threat of biological weapons presented by the delegate of Palestine and another speech for came from the delegate of Armenia.

10.02 – attack speech against the resolution about biological weapons. The delegate didn’t open himself upto any points of informations on the account that “the resolution speaks for itself”. This is followed by another attack speech by a delegate of DPRK who strongly urges the house to vote against this resolution.

– The first resolution succesfully passes! Clapping is in order. The house then moves on to a resolution submitted by GA2 on the question of providing affordable and clean energy to developing countries. 3 minutes of reading time is allocated followed by a speech by the delegate of the UK urging the house to vote for the resolution. The delegate of France on the next speech for the resolution, receives a point of order as he was speaking “too loud”. Sign for how passionate he is!

10.31 am – The delegate of Uruguay speaking against begins his speech with a reference of a speech of last year’s, “it’s basic politics”. After his speech urging the house to vote against the resolution, he yields the floor to the delegate of Armenia who confirms that she believes this resolution to be inadequate with her speech.

10.43 am – The resolution does not pass. The delegates move on to debating the third resolution as the main submitter being Kuwait. Following another speech in favour by the delegate of Russia, the delegate of South Korea takes the floor to deliver a speech against the resolution. Although the delegate only opens her upto one point of information, as the one she received was in favour of her argument, the chairs entertain two more points of information.

11.05 – The final resolution to be debated is on the question of voluntary euthanasia. The house moves on to listening to a second speech by the delegate of the Dominican Republic following the first passionate speech for the resolution.

11.25 – Time against this resolutions begins as the delegate of Argentina takes the floor to deliver a speech against which emphasises on his belief on free will. Following another concise attack speech, the final voting procedure follows. The resolution passes and it is time for a coffee break before the official closing of the session.

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