Please find attached the presentation used at the workshop for teachers.


GA1 – Disarmament and International Security:

The question of countering the use of social media by terrorists
The question of electoral conflict and violence
The question of total global nuclear disarmament

GA2 – Environmental, Financial and Economic Development:
The question of preventing and eradicating corruption endemics
The question of implementing a global carbon tax
The question of reversing the effects of deforestation due to wildfires

GA3 – Social, Humanitarian and Cultural:
The question of using biotechnology in combatting global hunger and malnutrition
The question of developing a global mental health action plan
The question of abolishing modern-day slavery

GA4 – Legal Committee:
The question of survaillance and collecting personal information and data by government bodies to protect national security
The question of ending global statelessness
The question of establishing an international legal framework to recognize ecocide as a crime

Security Council:
The situation in Afghanistan
The question of the Ethiopian Tigray conflict
The question of reform of the Security Council

Historical Security Council
1979 Sino-Vietnamese War
1979 Soviet-Afghan War


The Group of 20 (G20)
The crisis which will be debated at G20 will be announced at the Workshop.

Special Committee on International Crime (SCIC)
The topics which will be debated at SCIC will be announced at the Workshop.