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Report on the Security Council 2100

The delegates, still tired from Friday’s conference and after a failed attempt to take a medimun photo, began debating clauses from the very beginning of Saturday’s conference.      The first clause debated was submitted by Saudi Arabia and it suggested that member states would facilitate the integration of climate refugees in their host communities in ways such as ensuring they have legal status by offering them citizenship as well as them having representation by requiring for there to be at least one climate refugee in local government.  The delegate of the UK then imposed a point of information, saying he was concerned about the clause since it didn’t take into consideration that all countries in the world have problems of their own and by sending refugees there we are ignoring the problems of those countries. Many delegates, including the delegate of Russia, the delegate of the USA and the delegate of Germany were all worried about this clause and the things it lacks. The delegate of the UK proceeded to speak against the clause saying that the clause requests that member states spend money and time while these countries have problems of their own, using the US as an example saying that it has lost Miami and Florida and therefore it is not efficient to relocate people in countries that already struggle. The delegate of China suggested an amendment of the clause regarding sub-clause ‘h’, saying that the fact that the clause tries to tackle the education system and merge the refugees with locals but this would create problems as there are language barriers and cultural differences which deems it as unrealistic. The amendment passed but the clause ended up not passing.

Later on in the day, havoc was brought to the room when the delegate of Germany declared war and invaded Venezuela.  With three countries siding with Germany and two with Venezuela (while the rest remained neutral), Germany’s invasion of Venezuela was deemed as successful and therefore, the delegate of Venezuela could no longer vote while the delegate of Germany was now granted two votes. This was not enough for Germany, as it later on declared war on France, invading successfully and gaining France’s vote too. Immediately after, Venezuela declared war on the UK, very closely winning and gaining the UK’s vote and power, and using it to call a P5 meeting. The topic of the climate refugee crisis was resolved and finished and a new topic of the ice-free state of the Arctic was introduced. Many debates took place and delegates were given time to draft more clauses before the final resolution decision coming up on Sunday.

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