The application forms can be found at the bottom of this page. This section is only for school applications.


Each School needs to nominate its MUN Director(s). A maximum of 2 MUN Directors can be nominated. Director and School contact details must be filled in on FORM I.

FORM I You are strongly encouraged to submit by the 27th of October 2021. The form must be filled in and submitted online via the MEDIMUN website.

MUN directors then select students from their schools as delegates. The number of students from each school can range from 4 to 11 (see “Enrolment” page 15). Student Officers (chairs) are not included in these numbers. We strongly advise that schools bring as many students as possible as this will facilitate debate. Security Council, Historical Security Council, Special Conference on International Crime, and The Group of 20 nominees that are not allocated a position due to lack of availability will if they wish be randomly sorted in another country delegation’s in the General Assembly.

MEDIMUN wishes to underline the fact that schools need to decide on the final numbers of students who will be attending the conference at this stage as changes will not possible after delegation allocation is made.

You are kindly advised to start collecting the necessary data from your students (FORM IV) as early as possible as this might take some time. We will return to this FORM in step 4.

Participation fees will be €50.00 per student and €30.00 per MUN Director this year. We will only ask for submission of payment once we confirm that the conference is taking place in Nicosia on the 4th-6th of February and have permission to hold a student conference following appropriate Covid regulations. Details for payment are found on the appropriate form. For schools coming from outside of Cyprus other payment options will apply. This is the official invoice of participation and a receipt will be given in February.

FORM II. This form cannot be sent via e-mail.

Participation fees entitle each participant to:
– The appropriate training prior to the conference
– Participation in our debating events
– Educational Lectures
– Plenary Session
– Opening and Closing Ceremonies
– First class hot meals
– Free snacks and drinks during breaks
– Modern, fully equipped venue facilities
– Certificate of participation
Note: Once FORM II is submitted and payment has been made, the participating school commits to bringing the exact number of students for whom fees have been paid.

MUN Directors are now required to choose the countries they want their students to represent by filling in FORM III, but we cannot guarantee any particular choices. A list of available countries can be found in the appendix on page 30. Due to high demand by many schools for particular countries MEDIMUN cannot guarantee your choices thus countries will be allocated in order of school’s completion of form III and we will try to accomodate your preferences.

FORM III must be submitted electronically via the MEDIMUN website by 27th October 2021, preferably at the same time as FORM I.

Once you have received your country allocation from MEDIMUN you may move on to FORM IV. Do not fill in form IV until you have received your country allocation. The students have to be grouped in their respective delegations (Delegation 1 and 2) and nominated for the Security Council, Historical Security Council, G20 and SCIC (see “Enrolment” on page 17).

Due to the very demanding nature of these committees, schools are advised to nominate the most experienced and most motivated individuals. MEDIMUN will strictly prioritise applications from delegates with past MUN experience, preferably MEDIMUN experience.

MEDIMUN requires each participant to submit their Name and Surname, Date of Birth, Phone Number (preferably mobile phone), E-mail, Gender and Nationality. These details are very important to MEDIMUN. We kindly request that they are filled in carefully and clearly.

FORM IV must be submitted by the 10th of November 2021. You must submit this via the website. Please do not complete form IV until you have received your country allocation from MEDIMUN.