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The United Nations

The United Nations, formed in 1945 after the Second World War, is an international peace-keeping organisation which works to solve political, military, economic, environmental, social and cultural issues worldwide. Promotion and respect of human rights for the people of the world and securing international peace and stability are perhaps its most important targets. 

Model United Nations

Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation of the United Nations for students. Around the globe, a large number of similar conferences take place. During these conferences, students become delegates, representatives of a UN Member State that has been allocated to them. After extensive research into their allocated country, delegates discuss, write and debate resolutions (documents detailing their suggestions and solutions to world issues). Directors, usually teachers, are responsible for training and leading their delegation of students. They ensure that debates take place in a formal manner in accordance to the ‘Parliamentary Procedure’ of the UN.

M.U.N. conferences are greatly beneficial to all participants. Young people gain knowledge not only on individual countries but also on the working and running of the United Nations. They role play international politics and gain in depth understanding of the difficulties, limitations and essentially, the opportunities involved. M.U.N. programs encourage tolerance and diversity. Last but not least, students develop important skills such as teamwork and public speaking. 


The Mediterranean Model United Nations (MEDIMUN) is the first MUN conference to take place in Cyprus and was inaugurated in January 2006.

MEDIMUN was initiated by a group of ex-MUN students who were trained in The Hague, The Netherlands with the sponsorship of THIMUN Youth Network and the World Federation of UN Associations Youth Section. Under the guidance of highly experienced Senior Directors, a large organizing team of about 60 students came together and worked very hard to make the inaugural session of MEDIMUN a resounding success. It was a small step, but a big start!

All sessions to date have been successful in achieving high standards of debate and preparation in a professional atmosphere. Participants left having produced outstanding results in all features of the conference: academic understanding of some of the most complicated issues, fervent debating and networking in a multicultural environment.

Cyprus, being found in the centre of three continents, has proven to be the ideal place to promote diversity and unity by helping to open the minds of young people from the international community. Last year, the conference was attended by over 350 delegates from more than 30 schools from all over the island and overseas.

MEDIMUN is proud to be a conference officially affiliated to the THIMUN foundation.